Looking Blue…

Hello folks! You look radiant today, whilst I look a little blue it seems. Blue and grumpy. Imagine that. I’m NOT a grumpy man, ask anyone*. However, that is how Mr. Alan Campbell chose to capture me in this recent sketchy thing. These days it seems like there are more drawings of me than there are photographs.

As Alan himself says, he “drinks coffee, takes photos and draws”. You can check out some of his many arty wonders over at his website. Tell him I sent you.

But NO, today I did NOT look grumpy. Today, I looked a little bit more like this:

Ok, so that’s partly because I’ve been messing about with photoshop on my iPhone, but it’s MAINLY because I passed my third year exams! Wayhey! Now I think it’s time for a beer-shaped rewards…

Til next time folks!

love Shambles x

*As long as you don’t ask my parents, girl friend, best friends or roughly 80% of the people who know me.


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