Dreams of Fire and Wine…

Hello folks! As you can see, that mad artist Neil Slorance has been up to his old tricks again. This time, he’s immortalised me and my musical compatriot and sometime partner-in-crime Andrew Lindsay. I know I’ve mentioned him many times before, but if you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend that you check out some of his music.

Mr. Lindsay and I shared the bill at Sloans Lounge Act a few nights ago and it was an absolutely lovely gig. Also on the bill was Reverie, who recently released her debut album Melodies (it’s braw, I highly recommend it) and the always superb Florynce and Lauryn, everyone’s favourite indispensable dispensers of folk-pop melodrama. They managed to get a couple of videos of their songs recorded, which I highly recommend you check out. They’re available on their band’s facebook page.

It was really great getting to share the stage with some of my best friends and favourite acts in Glasgow. Also, finishing my set on Alice’s Song was particularly poignant for me (and Florynce and Lauren I think) as one half of the duo is shortly off home, back down south for the summer. I’m learning some of their songs to sing to myself in the meantime, to keep me going. Let’s hope time flies by until their next gig!

Thanks for reading folks, I really hope you’ll go check these lovely guys out, they really are BRAW.

lots of love,

Shambles x


One thought on “Dreams of Fire and Wine…

  1. This is an amazing review! Thanks so much. And Nathan said it was really well written! So you have a new fan. ‘Twas an amazing night, largely down to your choreographing of the event, so thanks.

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