Lounging About…

Hello folks! I recently got hold of a copy of a wee DVD that a lovely bloke called James (of Mummy Short Arms fame) put together for the guys at Blue Label Promotions, the company that put on the gigs in Sloans Ballroom. It features a promo he put together for the company and I’m in it!

The promo features a wee mini-interview with me along with some songs. Keen-eyed observers might even spot Maw and Paw Shambles (or Mumbles and Grumbles as I like to call them). I hope you enjoy it!

Well, there you go! As you might know, I have a gig in Sloans Ballroom tomorrow (tuesday) night, the 8th of June. The bill also includes Florence and Lauren (sometimes Killing Susan), Andrew Lindsay and Reverie. It’s upstairs in Sloans bar, off Argyle Street. Starts at 8pm, £4 entry. It should be a good night, so do come along!

Hope to see you then,

love Shambles x

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