“Fighting for a better world, not just for better pay”

Hello folks! Nice to see you, as always. You may have read my recent blog post about the Culture and Sport Glasgow staff strike. Well, unfortunately nothing has been agreed between management and the unions, which has led to further strike action. At the time of writing CSG staff are striking today, 28th of may and monday, 31st of May. If you would like to read some updated information on the strike, you can do so over at Unison’s website.

In light of this continued strike action, I decided to do a cover of Picketline Song by Evan Greer. Here’s a man with an improbable haircut to explain:

As the hairy man says:

Well there you go! Pretty much sums up my attitude towards the unions, strike action and picket lines better than I’ve done so far. Thanks for listening, as usual if you want to ask me anything about the strike or to find out more, please do get in touch. I do hope you’ll consider e-mailing the individuals mentioned below. Thanks for your support.

Til next time folks!

love, Shambles x

Glasgow UNISON is calling on people to support their case by sending protest emails to Bridget McConnell, CSG Chief Executive at info@csglasgow.org and to Glasgow City Councillor Liz Cameron, Chair CSG Board at liz.cameron@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk


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