Kid Shambles

Hello folks! Yes, believe it or not, I once looked like that and once sat on that FANTASTIC carpet. As you can see, even as a wee bairn, I was a budding musical prodigy (ahem). Its just a good thing that poor wee guy couldn’t look into the future, to see the total state I’d turn into, with the hair and belly and such. I still make that face when I’m drunk, I think.

I like this one:

I enjoyed my time in PJ and Duncan.

The reason I particularly like this picture is that I still use that microphone, keyboard and four-track to record. I used all three when I made that weird piece of electronica a few years back, as it goes. Plus, my sense of style was second to none. Backwards caps are gonna make a comeback, you mark my words.

I fucking miss the 80’s. Sure, I know I can’t really remember much of it, but just bloody look at it. I remember repeatedly deliberately banging my own head off the arm of that chair because i’d had something with too many E-numbers and REALLY fucking wanted to watch the Singing Kettle. Instead, in this picture, I’m chilling out. Just leaning, with my guitar, trying to stay cool. If the camera kept running, minutes later I spark up a fag and take a hip flask out of my all-in-one feety pyjamas.

Not much has changed, except its no longer socially acceptable for me to wear feety pyjamas, and now I own a beard, on my face. My very own.

Til next time folks,

lots of love, Shambles x

P.S. I have a gig, today, please come! Its the last for a while, its been a busy month…


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