Alice’s Song – Live At Macsorleys

Hullo folks! What with all the gigs I’ve had recently and the folk who’ve made it along, even the folks who couldn’t make it, I’ve been thinking about friends. I’m really lucky to have a lot of great friends in my life, folk who get me through each day, folk who make sure I don’t fail university, folk who I play video games with, talk with, get VERY drunk with. I’m closer with some than others and some I see less often than I’d like, but I’m really greatful to have such amazing friends (and family) in my life.

As you might know, I have a song which although titled Alice’s Song, is really about all the friends I’ve had and still have. I always have a few certain friends in mind when I sing it however. There are a few people I used to be very close with and I’ve always regretted drifting apart from them. One or two have made it to recent gigs and I really hope I get to see them more in the future. With that in mind, here’s a wee live video that recently popped up on my friend Alice’s youtube.

Hope you enjoyed it :)

I’ve been gigging quite a lot this month but I have one more left, this tuesday, before I take a wee break what with studies and exams and evil wizards and……such. It’s in Sloans ballroom, which is really quite lovely, so hopefully this one will be a wee bit special. I really home some of you can make it along. It starts at 8pm and it’s £4 to get in, but i’ll play an extra 5% better, JUST for you. Then we’ll have a wee dance. It is a ballroom after all. I mean, fair enough, I can’t dance, but you can watch me fall down. There’s a wee facebook group incase you want to RSVP, all formal-like. It makes me smile.

Til next time folks, I think I might give some of those old friends a buzz, see how they’re doing.

love Shambles x


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