I Have a New Hat.

This isn't it.

Hello folks! How’re you today? Seems like it’s Summer all of a sudden! It was Winter last week. Wtf.

Anyways, I thought i’d draw your attention to a couple of wee things incase you haven’t already seen/heard about them. Here they come. Wait for it….ok NOW.

First things first, I did a wee interview for Kowalskiy, where I talk about sandwiches (of course), folk I like and I clear up some things, including the situation between me and that Dragon. You can read the interview in full by clicking on this lovely wee link. I was also recently featured on the Favourite Son blog, and you can see what he had to say by clicking on this slightly different but just as lovely link.

Next thing to mention is that I have a gig on Wednesday. Its at Macsorleys, in Glasgow town centre. It starts around 9-ish and it’s free! Also playing is the thoroughly brawsm Andrew Lindsay, so I hope some of you will come along. If you’d like to be all formal about it, you can join the wee facebook group.

Last wee thing to mention is that my good friend Neil, who most of you probably already know, has an exhibition on at the moment in the Made In The Shade Maisonette, upstairs in De Courcy’s arcade on Cresswell Lane in the West End. Again, there’s a wee facebook group, but I really do highly recommend going to see it and not just because I’m in it, it really is braw.

Anyway, I best be going, I’m going to be late for work! I might even wear my new hat.

love Shambles x


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