Happy, Sad, Beardy, Plaid.

I’ve written a new song. It’s called “The Shortest Song I’ve Ever Written is the One with the Longest Title.”

It was between that and the title of this blog post. Thoughts? Anyway, I hope you like it. Its a wee bit of fun.

Comments welcome as always. Perhaps YOU worry too much or identify with something else in those few lines. It’d be nice to think i’m not the only one…

Bye bye!

love Shambles x


6 thoughts on “Happy, Sad, Beardy, Plaid.

  1. This is my new favourite :) it sounds quite happy and I think it’d be sad if it wasn’t getting to be my new favourite. ‘Cause, y’know, I think all songs dream about being somebody’s favourite at some time.

  2. Wait a sec. Casinoes chicken ranches. I’d legalise em all. And we’d have our own las vegas in the hills of dunegaul

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