Jim Gellatly Introduces…Me!

Hello folks! The other night there I played a wee song for Jim Gellatly during a live webchat so I did. The song was Beer Song and I played it on my ukulele, since it was 1am and folk were trying to sleep :P

A few days later, Jim hosted another live webchat where he invited folk to come join him on their webcams and to play some songs of their own. One artist featured on this webchat was Dave Arcari, whose video you can also see at Jim’s Stickam account. As a wee demonstration, Jim played my song first and you can see his introduction to the video here!

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to embed the videos into my blog, so I’m linking straight to Jim’s Stickam page. Instead of the normal video panel then, here’s a lovely link to the song I played, on my uke, at 1am:

I am a lovely link. Please click me for to hear a tune about beer on a ukulele. And some “sssshhh.”

Hope you enjoy it folks, comments more than welcome!

Oh and, there’s also an extra introduction to my song from Jim’s daughter, which you can see here!

Thanks for reading/watching/etc.

love Shambles x


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