When It Rains…

An example of the sort of grinnery I do.

Hullo there folks! Yes, I suppose I do look rather cheery there. Goonish, but cheery nonetheless. Well, I had just come offstage and have a pint in my hand: enough said. However, it does also provide an example of my gurning cheeriness.

So what’s causing today’s grinnery? Well, I’ve had some new reviews for my E.P recently! I’ve already mentioned the review over at the 405, but now I’ve also been featured by the rather lovely people at For Folk’s Sake and by new  music blogger, the Scottish Scribbler. I’m really chuffed that these fine folk have taken the time to listen to and review my E.P, its always a lovely surprise (even when I’ve occasionally been impatient and done a lot of hassling on my end, sorry about that folks).

So, here are a few highlights of the two new reviews:

“…illustrating Shambles’ talent for writing amusing lyrics and uplifting melodies.”

“…it really helps to separate Shambles Miller from the countless other singer/songwriters across the country.”

“raw, heartfelt and at times humorous songs.”


“…lovely and expressive Scottish twang draws one in, much the like the singers of Frightened Rabbit and Twilight Sad and sounds both tough and sweet.”

“a confusing experience.”

“playful lyrics ranging from superstition to swine flu.”

“endearingly off-kilter.”

“he appears”


Well, there we go! I love a good preview of a review. You can read them in full at For Folk’s Sake and Scottish Scribbler. Mr. Scribbler was also kind enough to include me in his top 5 bands of the moment! I was especially flattered since I share the list with Kitty the Lion, a band who I must admit to being quite fond of! See these lovely and really rather flattering words at Scottish Scribbler.

I rather think my grinnery is justified. I’m really pleased and quite touched at some of the things written, even just at the fact folk would take the time to listen to me. You’re all lovely. Thank you!

Til next time folks,

love Shambles x


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