Swings, Roundabouts, Sandwiches and Shambles

Hello folks! We meet again. It’s been an eventful couple of days or so, with the gig the other day, some recording bits and bobs today, as well as an interesting review and my first ever live session and interview for Glasgow Podcart! Phew!

Firstly, to the review. I’ve had a review of my E.P. over at a site called The 405. Whilst not a bad review per se,  it isn’t the most favourable one so far, so I’ll be quite selective in my summary of quotes:

“Scottish Brogue singing artist…”

“maybe it’s the acoustic guitar, beard, glasses…”

“Its difficult to name albums for the most part…”

You can read this music review, of my E.P, over at The 405. It always surprises me how often people think that the song “Robots” is literally about robots...

(My favourite thing about the review was my good friend Shirley Valentine’s comment on it. However, I wouldn’t be so crass as to repeat such things here.)

The most exciting thing to happen in the last few days however is that the live session and interview I did for Glasgow Podcart was published on the site! You can listen to it here with banter from me and Sean including sandwiches, scientology and some opinions on the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as me playing some songs live! Do let me know what you think.

Well, that’ll just about do for now I think. Here’s me making a ridiculous face. One of many.

Til next time folks!

love Shambles x


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