Its ALWAYS Beer O’Clock.

It certainly was last night. Deary me.

Hello folks! I’m starting to get a little bit worried about the type of gifts people tend to get me. The amount of booze-related paraphernalia I receive is becoming a little worrying. Only a little mind. Jack Daniels playing cards, t-shirts, keyrings, even business cards; novelty bottle openers, shot glasses, whiskey drinking glasses; I even own TWO different alcohol-related clocks. That’s…that’s not normal.  The picture above shows the result of my most recent alcohol-related gift, from my missus; an ink stamper which reads “Is It Beer O’Clock Yet?” The perfect gift for the alcoholic librarian.

Yeah, I work in a library. What?

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, it certainly was Beer O’Clock for me last night, as I was playing a few songs at the Glasgow Songwriters Club in The Vale. It’s a lovely wee venue with a lovely atmosphere and lovely people. So I suppose the main bulletpoint of this presentation would be:

  • It’s Lovely.

So, for any songwriters out there who happen to read my blog, I really recommend going along to The Vale for one of their Songwriters Club nights. Its a really great place to showcase your material, maybe try out some new stuff, usually to a pretty receptive audience who really pay attention whilst you play.

You can decide which one is which.
Decide for yourself which one is which.

Joining me at The Vale last night were my good pals Florence and Lauren, who are otherwise newly known as Killing Susan (even if they haven’t changed their myspace yet). I really recommend checking out one of their gigs or indeed hassling them to play more often and to hurry up and record an E.P. They make some really great music with a variety of instruments and a good dose of humour. Braw!

So folks, I’m away to nurse my hangover some more, and to try and wash this ink off my hands…

Til next time!

love Shambles x

P.S. If you’d like YOUR hand stamped to show the world your love of beer, come along to my next gig! Stamped hands everywhere!

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