Shambles and Podcarts and Fullmooners, Oh My.

Hullo folks! How are you both all today? It’s Mother’s Day today, so I hope all you folks are being good to your mums! Cups of tea and putting up with watching the Antiques Roadshow and such. Thats what it’s all about.

So, I’ve had an exciting week so I have, and some of the biggest highlights for me were distinctly Podcart-shaped. Not only did the lovely folks over at Glasgow Podcart include one of my songs in their podcast this week (a Podcast which, incidentally, featured Jim Gellatly!) but they also had me in to do a live acoustic session for them. As you can see from the photo above, I also found time to talk some pish with Sean o’the’podcart during and afterwards. The session should be up within the week, as far as I know.

Now, I should point out one or two things about the podcast before you have a wee listen, as there were one or two factual inaccuracies:

  1. I don’t have a band at the moment, just lovely friends who help me out when I’m recording.
  2. I’ve never played in Sleazy’s before, not even on a thursday (which ironically, was the night Sean had me up to the live session!)
  3. The gigs I play at the Vale (one coming up this Tuesday, 16th) are for the Glasgow Songwriters Club, which, as lovely as it sounds, does not feature me playing solo then playing with a band later on. It will feature a dodgy Beatles cover on my part though, so feel free to come along and see me attempt Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.
  4. Oh yes and, its a common mistake to make with my stuff, but believe it or not, there is NO cello on my E.P. whatsoever. My multi-talented friend Neil Slorance is just a very skilled double-bass player who managed to rise to my challenge of playing the bass very high up the neck. He’s fair braw, and aye, he’s the same lovely man who does all my artwork and such.

Sorted! I imagine that stuff will also be made clear when the live session goes up though. If you’d like to listen to the Podcast, you can hear it at the Glasgow Podcart website, download it from iTunes or hear it over at Radio Magnetic. It’s a world of choices, friends.

Last night I also attended the now-legendary “Maxwell’s Fullmooners” at the Old Fruitmarkets in Glasgow with my missus. It was a night of comedy and magic and breakdancing and best of all, Ireland’s 7th best rap crew rapping about my beautiful lady. Unfortunately however, I don’t know how to spell their name, so if any of you know who Ireland’s 7th best rap crew is, do let me know!

As per usual, I have some gigs coming up, check out the ol’ myspace for details and other bits of brawness and banter.

SO, a big thanks again to Glasgow Podcart for including me in their Podcast, to Sean for getting me in for the live session, to Jim Gellatly for saying my name out loud and making me feel famous for 10 seconds and AS PER BLOODY USUAL, you IRRESPONSIBLY ATTRACTIVE and LOVELY readers of my blog, thank you guys for reading and listening. Please do let me know what you think of the podcast and I hope you’ll tune in soon for the live session.

Hope to see you guys soon! Oh and before you go, I had two pictures to choose from as the main image for this article. When I show the other one, you’ll see it was pretty clear that there was only one choice to make….

I really have NO idea. None.

Stop laughing, you bastards.

Ok fair enough.

Til next time folks,

love Shambles x


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