Questions and Chancers

Hello folks! I hope you’ve had a nice weekend/evening/sandwich. I’ve had a lovely relaxing weekend after a hectic week and a busy day of work on Saturday. As well as finally finishing and handing in the essays I’ve been working on which have kept me trapped in the house writing most days, I’ve been making up flyers, making up the last batch of EPs I have to sell, writing some new songs, working on a video, playing a nice busy gig (and getting paid for my troubles!) and of course, I managed to fit in a little bit of drinking/merriment/sandwiches.

Phew! The gig was great though, got to play to lots of folk and a lot of friends came to see me, including some folk I haven’t seen in a while which was lovely. I even managed to sell about 10 copies of my E.P! As a result, there are only a few physical copies left, so if you’d like one of the very last copies, you can order one over at my Big Cartel Store or alternatively download a digital copy (which is a bit cheaper) over at Bandcamp.

So, I mentioned a new song and a new video. Well, it took me quite a while this one, so I hope you’ll let me know what you think :) Its called Questions and Chancers (see what I did there?) and here it is!

Well, thats that! I hope you enjoyed it. I really am very thankful to you lovely folk who come to my gigs and watch my videos and read my nonsense and listen to me talk pish. It makes me feel quite special and a bit fuzzy in a nice way.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of the video or just for some banter.

Til next time,

lots of love,

Shambles x


7 thoughts on “Questions and Chancers

  1. I must agree with the screamo-crunk, it’s a ridiculous genre silly emo haircuts and outrageous bling are just a recipe for bad banter.

  2. Haha, true enough, however I’d already written out “bridge” by the point that I realised, and thought it sounded less musician-y than middle eight.

    Glad you liked the song though man :)


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