Shambles Miller @ Pivo Pivo

Hello! Thats me that is! Thats my flyer! I’m quite excited to have a proper flyer for a gig. Big Thanks to my pal Neil for drawing this up for me.

So, anyway, as you can see from the lovely flyer, I have gig next wednesday, 3rd of March at Pivo Pivo. Its only £3 and you can also see some other nifty bands, such as Starstudded 78, General and Port Cullas, so there should be a little something for everyone!

Oh and also, if you come along you can get one of the last few copies of my E.P for HALF PRICE! Thats only £2! I thought since you’ll have already paid to get in, I’d sell my CD a bit cheaper :) Its called “Shambles Vs. The Dragonwizard”, and it features more art by Neil Slorance.

I’ll be celebrating that day too, since its the day I hand in a LOT of work, so I’ll be letting off some steam and playing some tunes! Oh and if nothing else, you get a flyer! Sounds like a good deal to me.

If you’d like to RSVP to the gig, cause perhaps you’re a bit of a fancy-pants (thats cool, fancy pants are nice now and then, I might wear mine for the gig) feel free to join the wee facebook group thingummy, its open to everyone!

I really really hope to see you at the gig!

lots of love,

Shambles x


One thought on “Shambles Miller @ Pivo Pivo

  1. I should be able to make it Cam. The question is, will you be able to make my gig at the 13th note on the 30th? Also, check out my nice new blog(and go easy on me).

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