A Little Diversion…

Hello folks. Yes, that is a picture of me taking in the aroma, the bouquet if you will, of a wine glass full of money. Thats just the sort of life i’m living these days. I’m not rich or anything, just such a complete idiot that I carry my money in a wine glass instead of having a bank account or owning a wallet.

ANYWAY, as if just to prove that i’ll always find a way to do anything rather than study, I was roaming around the files from my old laptop when I came across this old piece of electronica that I created a few years ago with a bizarre mish-mash of resources. Its a bit long I suppose, but I’m quite fond of it. I hope some of you like it or maybe just find it interesting. Bonus points if you can tell me what I used to make these bleeps and bloops and such.

Its called Revoisac X-15:

Well thats that! I hope some of you liked it, I know its not quite for everyone but its a wee bit of my musical past.

Til next time folks,

love Shambles x


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