What If Everyone Joined?

So, the BNP has been forced to allow ‘non-white’ members into their party. Back when the possibility of this was first mentioned, my Dad said it would be a good thing. I was a little surprised; like most folk I thought it would just be another way for this band of racists to continue masquerading as a political party.

“Ah, but what everyone should do when the BNP open their party up to members of any ethnicity, is join.”

I blinked. I rubbed my ears to make sure what they were hearing.

…what?” I asked.

“If everyone who is opposed to the party JOINS that party, the party as it is will die. They won’t be able to keep operating in the way they do. Their far-right, fascist and racist ideologies will be forced out, as will they.”*

As far as the BNP is concerned, no person of a non-white ethnic background will join them anyway; this change in their constitution is just a legal loophole to keep them afloat. The BNP won’t really expect British citizens of various ethnicities/religions/skin colours/beliefs to join their far-right organisation. But if EVERYONE joined…

It’s not long until April, and I can’t think of a better and more fitting joke to play on those particular fools.

Shambles x

*I’m paraphrasing, my Dad probably wouldn’t use the word ‘party’ so many times in one sentence.


3 thoughts on “What If Everyone Joined?

  1. The problem is that while a mass influx of new membership to the BNP could cause a policy shift, yes, but it would also inevitably causes a schism. The current membership, or at least key elements of it, would simply leave and form a new far-right party. That’s exactly how the BNP started – as a splinter group from the National Front. We can’t marginalise them inside their own party, not with any meaningful effect.

  2. Ah but it would a big drawback for them at least, they wouldn’t have a party name that is immediately identifiable in the public eye, they’d essentially be starting from scratch.

    If you can’t cut the tumour out, all you can do is treat it; stop it growing.

  3. I rather like this idea, inasmuch that its fucking with a political party.Usually its political parties who fuck with us, the people. Having said that, I imagine that even with a more mixed membership, the party would still hold some of its more wacky ideas. I’m not an expert on this but I theorise that if they are as bad as they are about race/beliefs/sexuality etc, then they must be rather crazy about some other things. Maybe I’m wrong. Either way, the minute I hear the word politician my trust/decency alarms start going off. Maybe we should kill them? Anyone know any good assasins? Nope? Dang..

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