Under The Covers

Hello there folks, how are you? Not just how, but WHERE? Perhaps you’re reading my ramblings on the bus, on the train, at uni, in the pub, at home or even in bed. The latter, incidentally, is where I’ve been recording some demos. Under the covers, specifically. Don’t ever let it be said that i’m not lo-fi.

One such example of my under-the-covers recordingcan be found in the recent video I did for a cover of Frank Turner’s “Ballad of Me and My Friends”, with Shirley Valentine. The next example can be found right here so it can. Its just me and a guitar, recorded on an iPhone, under the covers. Hope you like it!

You can even hear the covers rustle at the end. Hi-tech business.

Feel free to comment or just say hello and such. Til next time folks!

love Shambles x

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