It wasn’t like this in my day…

I am a walking, talking (especially talking) contradiction in terms. A big old hypocrite, even. I enjoy learning about Buddhism and try to live by its philosophies, yet I eat meat and drink alcohol and regularly concede that in some situations, with some people, you might just have to give them a kicking. I sneer at over-excited teens who jump and scream at the sheer giddiness of simply existing; yet who cry and despair at the miniscule amount of work required of a university fresher, whilst myself despairing at a workload which regularly accomodates trips to the pub and long lunches. I mock trend-followers, whilst walking around Glasgow University in my skinny jeans, my long coat and my unfeasible haircut. Oh and the scarf.

My personal hypocrisy of the day however, comes in the form of youths. Bloody youths, with their youtubes and their fringes and their insistence on continuing to breathe in between sentences like “oh no, its totally cool, like, i’ll put it on bebo later” and “ohmygod, did you hear what Jonny said? What a loser, he’s so gay, eugh, like whatever.” I physically groan at their attempts at humour, or any time I hear them talk about the minutiae of their lives as though nothing has ever been as important as X telling Y he fancies Z but Z likes…etc etc. Worst of all is the manners, or lack thereof. Walking into the shop i’m leaving without waiting for me to vacate the doorway, but offering no acknowledgement or thanks for my holding the door open, for example. Their nonchalance towards shouting, screaming, littering, throwing things at people, mocking the unfeasible haircuts of others (ahem) occasionally causes me to physically growl. Then sigh, and despair.

It just…oh wait a minute, hang on.

(Look Dad, I know I have uni in the morning, I’ll stop soon. What do you mean I’ll never get to sleep? Just because i’m playing my Nintendo DS whilst watching The Big Bang Theory, writing an article and messing about on facebook/myspace/twitter/etc at 1 in the morning? I just do that until i’m tired. Then I lie in bed for around 2 hours listening to podcasts until my brain finally quietens down enough for me to fall asleep. Its a perfectly healthy system, now excuse me, i’m going to make a microwavable cheeseburger, i’m peckish. Oh look, the wrestling is on).

I’m sure I heard my father growl slightly, then sigh as he left the room and went to bed there. Weirdo. Can’t believe he didn’t offer to make that burger for me.

Anyway, it just boggles my mind that these bloody kids, some of them not even old enough to drink, or smoke, or gamble, think they know everything. Wait til they get to my age, then maybe they’ll stop being such idiots. God, it really is tough being 23.


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