The Ballad Of Me And My Ukulele (and Shirley Valentine and a Rubber Duck)

Hello folks! You’re looking particularly lovely today, I must say. It could be the way the light is hitting your face, the beers I had for lunch, or it could be joy at the fact that I’ve FINALLY finished the video for the wee collaboration-cover I’ve done with my pal Shirley Valentine! I quickly knocked up a rough wee demo of my ukulele version of Frank Turner’s “Ballad of Me and My Friends” and Shirley lent her gorgeously awesome vocal talents to it. I liked it so much that I decided to make a wee music video. It features me, a rubber duck, some photo adventures and some tasty animation from my very own hand. If people seem to like it (and even if they don’t) me and Shirley Valentine will hopefully do a proper version of this, with real microphones and everything.*

So here’s the video, I hope you enjoy it! Oh and you might want to turn your speakers up, I was working on it late at night so I’m whispering at the start…

…and at the end, yeah. Well there you go! I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks again for watching, I really appreciate it. Comments are always welcome of course, I haven’t really done a video quite like this before.

Til next time folks!

love Shambles x

*As opposed to making a tent out of my bedcovers and recording my ukulele/vocal parts whilst underneath, to eliminate outside noise/echo. You’ll find me in the dictionary next to “Lo-Fi.”


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