What do you mean there’s no pizza?

I had a wee gig in Pivo Pivo last night. The last time I played there a good number of folk came to see me and there were a couple of other punters in, so there was a nice atmosphere. The staff were (and still are) lovely and the sound guy made me feel pretty comfortable on stage, so I couldn’t complain, it was a lovely gig. On TOP of that, there was free pizza! Winner.

I played there again last night. Hardly anyone in apart from the other acts and some of my lovely, loyal friends who came to see me play (and to get free pizza, perhaps?)

I was on last, playing to mostly just my friends and the first act on, I think he said his name was Dave Gibb…hmm…I think…well, he was awesome anyway. But there was NO FREE PIZZA! I was crestfallen. I’d come straight from work, had to get a taxi to the venue to be there in time and hadn’t had any dinner, so not getting:

paid/much exposure since nobody was there/free pizza…that was a bummer.

However, when I was on stage and realised that the only reason I had a crowd at all was that my friends had come to see me play, I felt pretty great. It reminded me that I’m a very lucky man to have such lovely friends. I enjoyed the gig even more from this point and had a bit of a laugh with the absurdity of playing my songs to my friends who have all heard them before but still listened politely and made noises at the right parts. Ahhhh, you guys.

My pal Amy also drew a lovely little sketch of me and my mate Neil. I had to edit a small portion of it, since it was RATHER INAPPROPRIATE AND INSENSITIVE, to say the very least:

Its pretty accurate, apart from Neil’s shirt and the fact that I don’t own laughter trousers. I may buy some. The night’s many doodles were lovely and more than made up for the lack of pizza in my belly. Well, that and the beer.

So, thanks lovely pals, for coming along. I appreciate it a whole lot.

lots of love, Shambles x


One thought on “What do you mean there’s no pizza?


    aaahahaha, oh, i am a “lovely pal”, never thought i’d see the day! oh oh oh! :)

    i am not entirely happy however, that you edited my MASTERPIECE.
    how could you!?

    goodbyeeeeeeeee :)



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