Happy Birthday to…well…ME!

Hello folks! As you might’ve guessed from my preamble, its my birthday today! Prizes for guessing my age without cheating and using myspace/google and such. I don’t yet have many birthday tales to relate, since its only the afternoon and not much has happened except snow and me helping my dad move a couch. I did get a LOVELY coat though, so I’m glad of the cold weather in a way.

Oh but I should also say Happy New Year to you as well! I’ve had quite a quiet Hogmanay and New Year time and haven’t been skulking around the internet as much, opting instead to spend more time with my folks and friends, so I haven’t updated in a while. With that in mind, I rather thought I might share a couple of wee things and pieces of news.


On the last day of the year, after months of coming last, third and second, I finally won Wiilympics!* Sure, its just a competition between me and my friends, but we take it pretty seriously, and the stakes were bigger this time. Last winner of the year, and I won a Scrubs DVD boxset, a big tin of sweeties, a pez dispenser in the shape of Link from Zelda and a LOVELY cigar (which I smoked on Hogmanay after the bells). Here’s the glorious final score that won me the tournament by ONE POINT!

Good times. Good, good times.

I played a gig recently, in Macsorleys. Some of my set was captured on camera and I got a hold of the audio from the gig, so I have a little live mp3 for your listening pleasure! Its a live performance of “Beer Song.” Oh and look out for the laughter, i’ll explain afterwards…

…what with this gig being in a pub full of everyday punters just in for a wee swally, the atmosphere was a bit rowdy and there was the odd drunk numpty who’d come up to me between songs, or sometimes even during my set. The laughter you hear in the song was when one such numpty tried to shake my hand to say goodbye while I was mid-song. I told him I was a bit busy. Here’s a wee photo from said gig:

That set up makes it look like I do have a band, but they all hate me and fucked off.

…actually, thats not a million miles from how I gave up on being in a band and struck out on my own in the first place, haha.

Hopefully I’ll some interesting new demos up soon too, since I received a mandolin and a ukelele for Christmas! With any luck i’ll come up with some new tunes and get them recorded. And of course, i’m sure i’ll have another video up before long.

Well, apart from a very lovely Christmas and a peaceful New Year, thats about all my news for the time being! I’m off to watch some Star Trek, then get ready for a nice birthday meal with my folks and some drinks with those of my friends who are hardy enough to brave the elements this evening!

Til next time folks, all the best,

love Shambles x

*Wiilympics is a competition between myself and three of my best friends. We play all our 2-4 player video games competitively against each other to see who is the best. It usually features laughter, beer, food and arguments. Oh yeah, and I’m the new champion!

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