Merry Christmas!

Hello friends :) I bloody love Christmas so I just wanted to do a quick little video to wish you well during this festive time.

Here it is!

I’ve always loved Christmas, but since I stopped getting lego under my tree, its not been about the presents for me. Its about my family, my friends, the magic…and, ok, the dinner. As far as I’m concerned, Christmas is a pretty magical time, and whatever it means to you, whether its about a slap-up meal and feeling full up while you watch shite telly with a paper hat, a house full of loved ones, relatives and thoughts of the ones you miss, or a day where someone burns the turkey and everyone falls out before making up at midnight over some mulled wine and mince pies, I wish every single one of you; every friend, every colleague, everyone I know, a magic, happy and Merry Christmas.

See you soon,

lots of love, from Campbell



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