Oh Can Of Beer…

Hello folks :) How are you today? I love how you’re wearing that hat at a jaunty angle. Its suits you. Good choice!

I tend to, obviously, write songs about things I love, things I care about and things i’m passionate about, like my missus, my friends, politics and…imaginary scenarios where I get chased by bad guys. Well this song is no different. Its about something close to my heart…something thats always there for me…something that…well look its about beer basically. I was recently at a party where I poured more booze down my trousers than into my face and it reminded of this wee song i’d written, so i’ve done a cheeky wee video for it. I hope you enjoy it :)

So thats it! Beer’s got me in some right pickles over the years,  but ach, I still love it. Hope you liked the video and next time you see me, feel free to buy me a pint :P

Til then,

Shambles x

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