That Cow Has A Numpty On Its Bum…

Hello The World! You’re looking particularly attractive today, I must say. Mmmm, you smell lovely! Is it a new conditioner? Ok so you might be wondering why I’m looking so excited, me with ma big hairy smiley face and ma big blue couch and….a cow on my head. Well, sometimes, when I’m REALLY HAPPY, a cow appears on my head. I don’t know why, the doctor seems to think its nothing. Anyway, the point is, the reason i’m excited is because i’ve been reviewed again! The lovely folks over at have reviewed my E.P, and you can read the review here.

If you haven’t read any of my other reviews, you can pop over to Music Liberation and to read more stuff on my EP there! Here’s a super-quick sneak preview of what you can expect:

With some invention to match the talent, there could be much more to come.

Like a satisfying mixture of Frightened Rabbit and Frank Turner.”

“The bastard.

Preferably one with a less daft title, mind.

I’m sure he smells great…


an impressive EP which shows plenty of promise


Stirring, stirring words all. SO, thats why i’m as excited as a bearded numpty with a cow on his head. Its really exciting when someone writes such lovely things about something you’ve worked so hard on*.

In other news, i’ve got a few gigs coming up! The one that is coming up soonest is my gig at Lauries on the 5th of November, for which you have no excuse not to remember remember :D (Couldn’t resist.)

Head on over to my myspace to check out my other upcoming gig dates, I hope to see some of you there.

Oh and of course if any of those reviews and the lovely design spur you on to help out a skint Shambles and buy my EP, you can get it from my store.

Thats about it, except for a final wee story. Like Jerry Springer’s final thought, but with less violence preceding it. I recently played the Oxjam festival, and in the run-up there had been lots of confusion over my name; lots of spelling mistakes. When I saw the poster inside the 13th note, I saw that I had been billed under my real name (Campbell Miller) as opposed to Shambles.

“Aww, thats alright though,” I thought, “my Mum will be pleased.”

You see, my mum is always saying to me, “…but why do you call yourself Shambles?” A quick look at me should answer that question, but I digress. She WOULD have been pleased to see me billed under my own name, if not for the cardinal sin of spelling mistakes in our family…

Oh dear. Sorry mum. On the upside, i’ve made friends with that Dragon, who has since eaten the offending typist.

Til next time folks! Have a lovely day, wherever you are, even if its Glasgow and its raining.

lots of love, Shambles


*[Hahahaha, he said hard on.]


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