A Little Diversion…

Hello folks! I should be writing a big ol’ essay right now, but I went and got distracted so I did. I haven’t put up a new blog post in a few days or a week or so or…something and since I don’t have any photos of my performance at Oxjam yet I thought I’d post up a little extra something in the meantime. Which is why I thought I’d draw your attention to this lovely video!

Y’see, a month or so ago, my lovely missus Louise and I, along with our good friend Andrew Lindsay, spent our day in the basement of a popular Glasgow club, in the middle of the day, dressed very smartly, with most of the lights off and armed with torches. This is the result.

It is of course, the music video for the new track from Frightened Rabbit! 1o points if you can spot me! I’m sporting a fine moustache in the video I believe. Bonus points if you spot my missus and even MORE bonus points if you spot Andrew Lindsay. Feel free to comment with the minutes and seconds if you do :) Myabe you’ll win a Kinder Egg or something, I haven’t decided.

Best get back to work now, enjoy! More lovely updates soon.

love Shambles x

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