The October Adventures of Shambles Part 1

What a fucking night I had last night. I interviewed folk-punk legend and personal hero of mine, Frank Turner, before his sold-out show at the Queen Margaret Union in Glasgow’s west end. I then went to said show and sung ma wee heart out whilst simultaneously dancing ma wee socks off. I then met Frank afterwards, mentioned that there was an open mic night on upstairs and that he should come up and play. Which he did. As did a few of his bandmates and friends, most notably London-based singer/songwriter Beans On Toast. And here comes my favourite bit.

I ended up beatboxing for Mr. On Toast while he rapped. For quite a while. If he’d gone on much longer I may have passed out from lack of oxygen. Frank then took to the stage to do a bit of beatboxing himself while I went for a cheeky wee drink or twelve. He was absolutely amazing, the atmosphere was electric and everyone had a fantastic time. I went on and played a couple of songs a bit later, including my wee cover of Hey Ya, and since I don’t yet have the video of my fantastic beatboxing skillz (sic) yet, I have this video of Hey Ya that I recently recorded. I hope you enjoy it!

Til next time, lots of love

Shambles xxx

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3 thoughts on “The October Adventures of Shambles Part 1

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