I suppose it is a daft title, but I like it…

Heeey! Aw, you look great today by the way. Must be that new conditioner you’re using. Thanks for stopping by, I have more exciting news so I do, so here’s the main stuff that is going on:

  • I’m playing the Oxjam Glasgow Takeover! That is exciting enough in itself, but even more exciting is that an early batch of discounted tickets have been put on sale. So for £6 quid, you get to see over 150 bands in several venues in Glasgow, over 2 days on the weekend of the 24th of October. Just a couple of bands that are playing include: Sons and Daughters, Boycotts, Call Me Ishmael, Little Eskimos, Yahweh, Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band, The Xcerts and maaaany many more! I open the Acoustic Riot stage in the 13th Note at around 3pm on Saturday October 24th. That leaves you loads of time to grab some tasty lunch and wander off to check out some awesome bands afterwards, or just wander off to go on an adventure, maybe climb up a tree to see if you’re there, WHATEVER takes your fancy. Tickets are available here, and the money goes to a worthy cause :) Only about 25 left as I write this though, so act fast! With the quickness and such.
  • I played another amazing gig recently, at the Liquid Ship. Played with some reeaaally cool folk, namely Fevrier, Lindsay Reid and James Clark Jones. I’d like to say a big massive thanks to everyone who came and cheered and laughed in the right places. Even the bar staff were lovely, it was a great night!
  • Since the first lot sold out, i’ve pressed a new batch of EPs! As before, all CDs are hand-designed either by myself or Neil Slorance so everyone gets a unique record. You can buy your copy online now at my big cartel store.
  • I’ve been reviewed! Yes, the lovely web publications Music Liberation and Stereokill have been lovely enough to review my EP, which i’m reeeeaaaally chuffed about. You can read the reviews here and there. Here’s a couple of wee excerpts from the reviews:

“…the strongest track, “Robots” demonstrates a real maturity not only from a song writing perspective but also from the arrangement and tempo used. You can really sense the passion through Millers voice, the Scottish accent seems perfect for pulling at those heart strings.”

“Not that I’m suggesting Miller is homeless smelly drunk man, i’m sure he smells great…”


“What these four tracks lack in audio fidelity and embellishment is made up for with a melodic and lyrical prowess absent from many of these acoustic singer-songwriters that so dominate the local unsigned music scenes in Edinburgh and Glasgow.”

“daft title, mind.”

“the bastard.”

Isn’t that just lovely? I do hope you’ll check out the reviews or my myspace and maybe even buy a copy of my EP. I’ll have more updates closer to Oxjam time, but for now I better go, i’ve got homework to do. Sort of. And I need to get ready for work. And my new songs won’t write themselves. And if I don’t deal with these Robot Ninjas, who will? Til next time!

love Shambles x


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