“Not that i’m suggesting Miller is a smelly drunk man…”

Hello folks :) (I know some people abhor the use of smileys, but it seems appropriate, since i’m smiling as I write this)

I am in lovely mood at the moment, i’m rather pleased with myself I must say, and i’m more than a little excited. Apart from the fact that i’ve had a lovely weekend with my beautiful missus (despite her brother’s team getting gubbed at the fitba) and despite the fact that i’m up early tomorrow for a lecture on onomastics, i’m pretty bloody chuffed because i’ve just read the first review of my EP! It comes courtesy of the lovely, and irresponsibly attractive folks over at Music Liberation. I’m in a fair braw mood over it, so I hope you’ll take a wee read. Tis a fine blog in general, so have a read (once you’ve read the review of my EP of course :P)

I’m also excited (and it must be said, nervous) because I have a busy couple of days, culminating in my gig at the Liquid Ship tomorrow (Tuesday, 29th September) for the Free Candy Sessions. I’m playing with some lovely talented folk, so even if I fail HARD, we can all have a wee pint and enjoy their fine music. October is looking like being a fair busy month for me in general, with a fair few interviews, gigs and reviews, including my own set at the Acoustic Riot stage for Oxjam Glasgow on the 24th of October! Oh I’m an excited man, I am.

Plus I get paid in October, which is handy cause i’m HEAVY skint. So take pity on a poor Shambles and come see me at the Liquid Ship and maybe even buy a wee EP if you’re in the mood :)

Til next time folks! Have a week!

love Shambles x

[Incidentally, the picture has nothing to do with this post other than that it captures me being excited and features my beautiful missus, who I mentioned earlier. Okay, off ye go now. You look awesome today by the way.]


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