Review: Anavris – Eleven Eyes Of A Simple Man EP

Right, I’ve had it up to here with this bloody record. I keep trying to write this fucking review but I never quite feel like what i’ve written does it justice. Its honestly an absolutely excellent EP, by a band that deserves to be very, very successful. Well, here goes.

Eleven Eyes of a Simple Man is the second EP from Glasgow-based four piece Anavris, and it shows a huge leap forward for the band, in that it not only showcases their talent for complex and original songwriting, but does so whilst being exciting and fun to listen to. It’s the sort of record that can make you want to dance, party, or even kick someone’s arse but can also really move you. It’s rare that one band manages to balance so well between the two sides of what makes good music, well, good.

This is an example of a perfect EP in that it gives you everything you could want from a record but still leaves you wanting more. It beggars belief that Anavris aren’t already far more successful than they are at the moment, but with a record that is as electric and exciting as their live shows, it shouldn’t be long until they get what they deserve.

Phew. Made it eventually. Incase you couldn’t be arsed reading the fancy bit, here’s the gist: away and buy this record, its fucking brilliant.

You can pre-order Eleven Eyes Of A Simple Man from Anavris’ online store now. Anavris are currently on tour in the UK.

This review was originally written for, see it in its original format here.

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