Robot Disguise Caught Me Your Eyes…

Hey folks! Since my EP is now on sale, i’ve put up a second track from the record on my myspace page. The track is called “Robots” and while its totally fine if you want to believe that the song is about me and a beautiful young lady escaping a Robot Attack, you can also consider that its a song about the night when I met my beautiful missus at T in the Park in 2008 :)

Thats us, on the very day we first met in fact, with The Prodigy in the background if I remember rightly. Later that evening she mentioned how much she hated smoking, so I went several hours without a fag and pretended I didn’t smoke, even when she bumped into a friend who asked if he could bum a smoke off me. I was already a bag of nerves! Luckily, I managed to wean myself off the ol smokes, but the missus has, SOMEHOW stayed the course and put up with me. But its expensive having a girlfriend, they always need you to buy them things like lollipops, buttons, pretty dresses, pinafores and such, so if you like the track I hope you’ll consider buying my EP at my Big Cartel Store. Shameless plug I know, but i’m really very proud of it!

Anyway, til next time folks, oh and before I forget, I LOVE your hair like that, it really suits you! Go you.

love Shambles x

(P.S, yes that  ACTUALLY IS my missus. I can’t believe it either.)


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