Shambles and Dragons and Wizards Oh My! Oh and a gig too.


Thats right! Its FINALLY here! Yeeeaaah!..> Oh, sorry, where are my manners? Hullo folks, nice to see you again :) Today is a bit of a special day so it is, as I finally pressed the first few copies of my EP, “Shambles Vs The Dragonwizard.” I’ll be selling it at gigs and stuff and i’m trying to figure out how to sell it online too incase anyone fancies a copy. I’d like to say a MASSIVE thanks to Jamie Hewitt for recording and mastering it and to Neil Slorance for doing the artwork, putting the EPs together, playing on the record and a whole load of other stuff. Cheers mate :)

One such gig is (at the time of writing) tomorrow, monday the 7th of September at Pivo Pivo. Doors are at 8, its free entry and there’s free pizza! What more could you want? If you’re interested in buying a copy of my EP just drop me a line through myspace or my e-mail link over there on the right hand side, or twitter or a comment here, there’s LOADS of ways :) I’m awfully excited. And quite nervous. EEEeeeep. Anyway, i’ll see you soon hopefully! Bye-bye!

Shambles x

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