Oxjam Glasgow takes pity on a poor Shambles

Hello World! How are you today? You look pretty good to me, it has to be said. Ooooh and you smell lovely, is that a new shampoo? Smells great. So anyway, I have some exciting news! Dave Hughes (of Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band) has asked me to play the Acoustic Riot stage at the 13th Note as part of the Oxjam Festival in Glasgow! The lineup is still to be confirmed but I imagine i’ll be opening the stage (sounds nicer than “on first.”) As soon as I find out more specific details on that I’ll post them up.

“So, hey, man, like….whats this Oxjam Festival thing anyway?” I hear you ask. Well, the idea of the Oxjam Festival is that it’s a festival held in several different venues across the UK, raising money for Oxfam and fighting poverty with music. The Glasgow leg of the festival will be held on October 24th and 25th in various venues and will feature some awesome bands, such as: Sons and Daughters, Little Eskimos, Call Me IshmaelChris T-T, Dave Hughes and the Renegade Punk Fold Band, Endor, French Wives, YahwehKaty and the Dull FuddsThe Low Miffs and many more!

I particularly recommend Little Eskimos and Yahweh, saw them live at Wickerman and Little Eskimos even did a wee session for us (I was in my other guise as a Stereokill writer at the time) back at our tent. You can check out some of the Wickerman coverage on them at www.stereokill.net. Both bands were awesome and just lovely folk, check them out.

So, i’m right excited about being a part of Oxjam, so I really hope some of you will come see me make my noises :) I’m playing on the 24th of October (the saturday) in the 13th Note. I’ll post up times and lineup stuff as soon as I know.

I’m also playing the Free Candy Sessions at the Liquid Ship on the 29th of September and at Pivo Pivo THIS MONDAY NIGHT! Fuckin yas. So, come along and see me, its free entry and you get free pizza! Can’t say fairer than that, can you? Oh and wear those shoes, they really suit you. I think everyone loves them to be honest.

Shambles x


4 thoughts on “Oxjam Glasgow takes pity on a poor Shambles

  1. Cool Beans Mr. Miller. good luck with the Oxjam gig, it’s for a good cause but it also is good for getting a nice varied bunch together, you’ll do well hopefully.

    sorry i shall miss it!

  2. Great to have you on board for Oxjam! It’s going to be great 100+ acts, 15 venues, 2 days ooft! Love the blog. If you would like photographs or the e-flyer for your site then just drop me a message.

    Also, incase you hadn’t heard yet. We have just released our first batch of tickets. They are a special batch of early bird tickets at the discount price of £6 (which is a bargain for the full weekend). Tickets are available NOW at http://www.wegottickets.com/60886


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