A Fanny Ca’d Shambles In Fanny by Gaslight

Ah! Fuck’ sake. Its you! I wasn’t expecting company, I haven’t done my hair or anything! Hang on til I find a t-shirt.

Thats better. Batman t-shirt ftw. So AYE, hullo :) I played my first gig ever recently and my lovely missus took some photies of me while I was singing ma choons. There’s a wee example right up above there. I’m the one that looks like me. The gig was in a pub called Fanny by Gaslight in Kilmarnock and everyone really made me feel welcome. It was a great experience and spurred me on to get some more gigs in my home town of Glasgow. I’ll be giving a full update on the gig soon as part of my Soundcheck column for Stereokill.net. I’ll also be updating you shortly on my upcoming gigs and on the release of my EP which is bloody imminent, I can tell you!

Anyway, i’ve just got a text message from my dog and apparently he’s burstin’ so I better take him out for a walk. Til next time! And next time, try and remember not to sneak up on folk like that. Och its ok, I forgive you. But only cause you’re my favourite.

Shambles x


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