Live @ Wickerman (sort of)

Recently, myself and some other lovely Stereokillers descended upon Dumfries and Galloway so that we could cover the Wickerman festival. It was bloody braw so it was, but more about that later. Whilst there, I did a wee song as part of the Stereokill Sessions @ Wickerman. I played a song called “Pssst!” on a guitar borrowed from a lovely band called The Murmurs of Tension who are awesome by the way, check them out. You can see them floating around in the background, hopefully enjoyin ma choons. Now I hope you’ll enjoy them too! Cheers!

(See the professional touch there, with the intros and outros and the wobbly chair? There’s a reason they call me Shambles…x)


One thought on “Live @ Wickerman (sort of)

  1. Hey, just a comment to say that was a brilliant debut! Really enjoyed it! Plus I’m glad you liked my shoes! Keep posting this stuff its FABBY

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