Hello, The World!

Ma big stupid face.

Hello there! You look lovely today, have you lost weight? I love those shoes, they really bring out your eyes.

Well, i’m Shambles Miller (or Campbell to, y’know, other people) and i’m a musician and a writer. I also do a mean Christopher Walken impression, but this isn’t the forum for that sort of thing. Thats my big stupid face up there by the way, probably talking shite to somebody. Its a thing I do.

I’ve been playing the guitar for nearly 10 years now and i’ve gigged in various bands and such. However, after a few years of writing my own music, I recently decided it was finally time, at the age of 22, to bite the bullet and get my own solo acoustic gig. My blog will mostly chronicle my exploits as a solo musician venturing out into this big scary world, and hopefully you’ll join me.

I do however also write for a lovely webzine called Stereokill, so my blog will also update you lovely folks on my reviews, interviews and articles.

Thanks for reading :) If you ever think i’m talking shite, just look at the picture above and imagine that big stupid face saying the words. Makes it a little easier I think.

Shambles x


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