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When will I get my picture in the paper?

Despite my best intentions, I’ve once again managed to not update my blog for a wee while. Happily though it’s because I’ve been quite busy. My wee flyer did it’s 50th gig last night at the Glad Cafe, I’ve got a music video coming out soon, and I recently announced that I’ll be playing a pretty big show at the ABC 2 in Glasgow on the 27th of April, supporting Geoff Rickly from Thursday. Exciting! Tickets are normally £10 but I’ve got cheaper tickets for sale at my bandcamp, with the option of a wee music bundle as well. It’s kind of a taste of my music for newcomers, or for anyone who has been meaning to pick up some of my tunes but hasn’t got around to it yet. I called it SuperBundleFunTimeYeah! You can buy tickets (with or without the bundle) for the ABC show at this lovely link right here.

I really hope you can make it, it would really a mean a lot to me. In other news, I just found out that there’s a wee feature on me in the Scotland on Sunday today! That was a lovely Sunday surprise. Here it is:

I hope people aren't put off by my big scary face.

I hope people aren’t put off by my big scary face.


That’s made my day so it has. Anyway, I’ve been writing some new songs recently so hopefully I’ll have some new stuff for you to hear by the next time I post! Hope to see your lovely faces at the ABC on the 27th!

Bye for now!

love Shambles



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Something for everyone this Valentine’s Day

Right now some of you are probably thinking about getting ready for your hot date tonight, deciding what you’re going to wear, listening to some Barry White, that sort of thing. Some of you will be planning to sit alone on the couch and eat a two-person amount of food by yourself. Some people might be doing a mixture of both, either with a significant other or a good friend. Some of us are probably going to get a bit drunk.

Well, whether you’re loved up to the nines or in an open relationship with pizza, I’ve got a little something for you.

For the loved-up romantics out there, I’ve gone and dug out this (admittedly cheesy-as-fuck) cover of The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields (and covered by Peter Gabriel).


For those single people out there, why not put a positive spin on your past breakups with this video of my single “Confessions”.

Want more? Well, why not get a 14% discount* off anything on my Bandcamp with one of the following codes:




I’ll let you choose which one to use. Just head to my Bandcamp page to put those codes to good use!

Have a great day everyone, whatever you’re up to!




*Technically it’s a 15% discount, Bandcamp wouldn’t let me make a 14% discount, but you get the idea.

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Another year of trying to think up titles for these things…

I got this t-shirt for my birthday. Uncanny, isn't it?

I got this t-shirt for my birthday. Uncanny, isn’t it?

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday (to me)! Now that I’ve sobered up from last weekend, it’s time to get myself back into gear for the new year. I played my first gig of 2014 in the 13th Note last night, with some brilliant support from Chrissy Barnacle, TigerHoney, and Josephine Sillars. I had a blast and I already can’t wait for my next gig, which sees me heading back to Inverness on the 25th of January to play at the Market Bar. I canny stay away from that place!

In other news, I’ve got a new music video in the works, and if you keep an eye on my Twitter over the next few days, you could get your face in my new video! All will be revealed shortly…

In the meantime, I recently uploaded the full video of my performance of Confessions that I did for Occupy Sound last year. If you’ve always wanted to hear a break-up song featuring a David Bowie impression performed in a tunnel then this is the video for you.


Towards the end of 2013 I was lucky enough to be featured in a few end-of-year lists and podcasts, including my old pal Scottish Fiction’s top 25 EPs/Singles of the year, the Edinburgh Man end of year podcast, and the Fried Gold Music podcast! There’s lots of great music to be found there, so I recommend wrapping your ears round that lot if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to seeing your lovely faces in 2014. Perhaps I’ll see some of you at Brew at the Bog this year?

Til next time,

love Shambles


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Scottish Fiction Takeover – The First Half

This week I’m doing a takeover of the Scottish Fiction blog, where I get to write whatever I want, and so far have managed to not spend the whole time talking about myself. Since we’re halfway through the takeover, I thought I’d post a quick round-up.

Day 1 – Allow me to reintroduce myself

On day one I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself for anyone who wasn’t familiar with my music. So there’s a wee introduction with me talking a bit of shite, some music, a wee video, links to some of the music I’ve been listening to recently and other bits of stuff. Ok so I’ve spent some of the time talking about myself. Check it out here!

Day 2 – “What is your favourite word?”


I’m a big fan of the TV show Inside the Actors Studio, and I thought it might fun to ask some musical friends the Proust Questionnaire from that very show. Which Scottish musician has a dinosaur fetish? Who thinks they’ll die from falling over after fighting ninjas?  Click here to find out.

Day 3 – Have you heard the one about the musical comedian? (Part 1)


Today I posted the first instalment of my feature on music and comedy. It’s an interview with the very funny, very talented Eleanor Morton. Tomorrow’s instalment is an interview with Randolph’s Leap frontman Adam Ross. Check out today’s interview here.

So that’s the first half of my takeover! Stay tuned to Scottish Fiction the rest of the week for more, and please check out the posts above. This week I’m also hosting a movie screening and music night at Brechins in Govan. It’s a great film and we’ll have some great musicians performing, so come along for a fun night. It’s free, AND you get a free pie and a pint. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Also, someone with a name very similar to mine is having a book launch this Sunday.

See you soon!



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I did a wee interview with Occupy Sound recently and they filmed me performing a few songs at a couple of locations in Glasgow. Check it out below!



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